The funny US Open moments on Twitter

twitter-iconAfter having mentioned I didn’t have access to pay-TV for watching the US Open I had to stick to internet live streaming… grey zone, I know, but what can I do. I tried to keep up with the action on the course and as well with the action on Twitter, reading all that stuff people had to say about the guys while either watching them from home or inside/outside the ropes. It was tough to do all that all at once if I were on the course I’d really have struggled to get along with all that modern social media. Checking the Facebook timeline is easy, commenting here and there is too. Twitter on the other hand is trickier, because the more people you follow the quicker you have to read, especially during such events like a major golf tournament. Bringing TwitterPics, Instagram, Vine, a proper blog or other things into the equation, that leads to a massive overflow and too little hands/devices/time to deal with all that stuff. Plus, you really lose the joy of watching golf I guess!

Therefore I sticked to Twitter only and it was tough enough to keep up the pace but it was kinda fun in the end and I had some funny moments when I laughed a lot. Let me share some of them with you.

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US Open weekend!

It’s one of these weekends again: it’s a major golf tournament. None of the major tournaments can be mediocre but the US Open for sure is far from it. The fairways are narrow, the rough is tough and the whole setting is made to fail.

This year it’s pretty much the same but the course is a bit special. Instead of flags they have wicker baskets on top of the stick (read more), instead of a par 72 Merion just offers 70 shots to come round the course, with only 2 par 5s. In addition the course is very short overall, but does that really mean we will see low scores? No it doesn’t! It’s a tough course and it just got that tiny bit easier due to the rain on Wednesday/Thursday. Otherwise it would be again the typical US Open “putting on top of a VW Beetle” like Jimmy Nantz once described it.

Speaking of length…

I will try to keep up with the action on the course over the weekend. Which is not that easy without any TV coverage at all. I don’t have pay-TV and all streaming channels… well, they don’t work properly unfortunately, lets put it that way. Earlier this year at The Masters I had one of these days as well. I haven’t read so many tweets before in my whole life and I got really confused. There are better ways to follow a golf tournament than reading tweets all day I can tell you!

But it could be fun too!