Sometimes everything just comes together

That’s meant in a positive way, I have to add. Until last week I wasn’t really happy with my game lately. After a long time (more than two years) I really kick-started my golf again in April/May when I returned from the UK and joined a club near Frankfurt.

The idea was to play as often as possible and as a consequence, improve as much as possible. Obviously I was looking to decrease my handicap quite a bit this year. #Project12!

But it turned out to be much more complex. As the club fees around Frankfurt are quite expensive, I concentrated on playing many rounds on the weekend. I neglected practise and range sessions, never set my foot on a chipping green or practise bunker. Overall goal was to have fun on the course – which I really had. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoyed the year so far, the rounds, the people I met and tournaments I played. Just the numbers were not to come down unfortunately.

This had to change! I already mentioned in another post that I scheduled in a Trackman session with a pro in order to improve on details and get rid of that dirty hook. Currently I have absolutely no confidence playing with all my woods. On one day everything works fine, straight and long, the next day all balls end up in the rough or in the woods – be it driver, 3-wood or hybrid. And I have no idea what I did wrong, which is never good.

I was pretty mad about it over the last weeks and started to think about re-activating my 3- and 2-iron of my old set. A word and a blow, I’ve put these two clubs back in the bag, went to the course, had two lousy shots with them in the beginning and then everything was a pure pleasure, at least for my skill level.

On a short 9-hole course (5 par-3s, 4 par-4s) I shot a +4, four bogeys, rest pars. And guess what: I think about going back to my 2-iron on a permanent basis. It feels awesome and is much easier to hit than most would anticipate. In my case, I really can recommend giving it a try. Sure, not every set offers a 2-iron and usually the guys will tell you a hybrid is much easier to hit, but in my case this wasn’t true at all. A shot with a hybrid is much more comparable to a drive than an iron shot and as I’m pretty good in my iron play, the 2-iron was the easiest alternative, at least for tee shots.

So in case you’re playing well with irons, but you’re struggling with all woods in your bag, it might be a good idea to go with a 2-iron to get some length out of your shots, at least to try out!

I will re-activate and (re-grip) my whole set of old clubs now in order to have something in the background which could help my play and give confidence in case something goes wrong again with the woods. Long-term obviously I try to get rid of that nasty curve with the woods and will focus on shooting straight and long again – which is the reason I bought these bloody expensive Titleist clubs in the first place!

Maybe I should get myself a 1-iron… anybody with some experience?

After-work 9 holes in the middle of a race course

On Friday, what a treat, I left the office a bit earlier than usual (at around 5pm) and headed to the nearest golf course. That’s a 9-hole course in the middle of a race track, which is really kinda cool to golf where on other weekends there are hundreds of spectators betting on horses. Nobody betted on me on Friday, that’s for sure…

The course belongs to the ‘Golf absolute’ course management company and therefore is free for me to play. Obviously it’s not a full length course but from an aesthetical and fairway/green quality point of view this place is absolutely top-notch. The Frankfurt skyline marks the backdrop on most holes, the turf is in perfect condition, and after all, you are playing golf in the middle of a race course… I found this very impressive.

Impressive as well was the heat! Teeing off at around 6.30pm, there were still 35°C/95°F. Boy, was I melting…

The course features 5 par-3 holes and 4 par-4 holes, therefore ends up at par 62 for the 18 holes. The hole layout is not overly spectacular and rather flat as you can imagine but the overall setting is as nice as it can be in such location. Definitely worth a round if you are around – especially in case you are Golf absolute member – otherwise it could get a bit expensive (110 EUR on weekends for 18 holes – par 62 that is…).

Season opening 2014

Hitting the range for the first time this year… 4°C in mid January, blue skies, light breeze and lots of fun (and confidence after 100 balls). I’m ready for the new golf season! #Project12 #OneStepAfterTheOther