Following Rory, Scotty and Jason round the course at the 2013 Australian Open in Sydney


What a great month that was in Australia! A lot of sunshine, beaching, sailing, snorkeling, relaxing, hanging loose and experiencing so many new down under sides of things. It was an excellent time I had there and I really can’t wait to come back at some point.

Golf-wise I had some nice moments as well; I missed however the action at the Australian PGA Championship in Gold Coast but instead (or way better) played some Queensland beauties on my own on Hamilton Island and up north in Port Douglas. Unfortunately. I didn’t manage to play a round in Sydney but I did get to do some other cool stuff: during my stay in Australia there were some very interesting tournaments played: the already mentioned Australian PGA Championship in Gold Coast, the Australian Masters in Melbourne and last but not least the Australian Open in Sydney.

My schedule had room for watching a round so in Sydney I took my girlfriend on the event’s Sunday to see the action at Royal Sydney Golf Club in Rose Bay, Sydney. I also tried to watch some golf TV broadcasting during the days before, but apparently the majority of Aussies is mainly interested in cricket rather than in golf these days of the year – although golf is of much more interest than in most other parts of the world. So the sports channels either showed the Ashes (the famous cricket battle between Australia and England) or, very surprisingly, the European Tour’s Dunhill Championship in South Africa. I figured the Aussie tourneys were broadcasted in Pay TV which I unfortunately had no access to.

On the tournament’s Sunday we jumped on a ferry to cross Sydney Harbour, passed the Sydney Opera House in direction to Rose Bay. From this sophisticated neighbourhood it’s just a short walk to the private and exclusive RSGC, which hosted the event quite often already. After a short but expensive shopping frenzy in the merchandise tent we headed towards the course, followed Robert Allenby and some others before we decided to walk on strategically. It was not over-crowded by the time but would most likely be later on when Rory McIlroy and Adam Scott would make their appearance in the last group. And yes it became much more packed around the fairways but it was still possible to get some nice places to see the action.

First we saw the guys on the 5th with a nice elevated green and had good views on the following holes, too. Most amazingly to mention the approach shots on the 8, a par 5, which both reached in two shots. Rory scored an eagle whereas Scotty three-putted. On the next hole both impressively drove the reachable par 4 (275m) and again Scotty carded one putt more than Rory – and gone was his three stroke lead. Bad luck for Adam Scott. In the course of the next holes he lost his cool and you probably have already seen the results – Rory won the Australian Open with one shot over Adam. I really like the Aussie, he’s one of my favourite golf players and I was keeping fingers crossed for him to win this event as this would have made him only the second person winning the three Aussie tournaments in one stretch. Unfortunately he has to try again next year, but hats off for his committment and the strong will to win important tournaments – as he is obviously a very strong player currently.

So Rory won the pot in the end, his first title in 2013 which is good for him. His form shows potential again after his big switch to NIKE clubs and the resulted fallback in the world ranking – and I’m sure a very famous female tennis player was kind of partly responsible for the lack of winning skills, too… It was a very nice golf day which was perfected by the fact that we went for a rest to Bondi Beach afterwards and then strolled along the beautiful coastal beach walk from Bondi via Tamarama to Bronte.

Really a very nice piece of land over there… my heart is broken I had to leave Australia in the end.

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Rory McIlroy’s plans a couple of years ago, and the final execution

Rory McIlroy is an incredible young man. With an undoubtedly impressive swing the youngster from Northern Ireland shows the old guys how to play the game. Hitting it long and straight, playing at the limit and winning majors… finally.

Last weekend, he won his second major tournament after the win at the 2011 US Open. This time it was the PGA Championship at the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Every player encounters ups and downs during a round or in his entire career but all what’s important in the end is being on top of the leaderboard on the 18th green on day 4 of such event. And yes, he has performed, played beautiful golf and needed 24 putts for the 18 holes on Sunday!

This young man has a bright future and he always knew what to do in life. Watch this small movie, showing him at the age of 9, talking about his idol Tiger Woods, his game and his plans to become a pro and to win majors. Mission accomplished, Rory. Very well played, mate!

How I missed Rory McIlroy

It was one of these days; almost everything perfect, a nice round on a fabulous course, great service and amenities… so everything great till someone enters the room and ruins your day.

My employer invited me and some good customers to a small little golf tournament at The Grove, a prestigious resort north-west of London. We had a great time, the service was superb, the course really beautiful and we all had a lot of fun. After the round we had an opulent lunch, some drinks and were basically chit-chatting about our achievements during the day. So far so good…

At some point one of the staff members entered the private room, asked if we were all good or whether he could do something for us. We neglected and said we’re having a good time. The next sentence he said, was something like: “Ah, and just to let you know, Rory McIlroy already left…”

He looked into 30 astonished faces, we had no idea Rory was even there. As it turned out Rory McIlroy was, 50 meters away, practising on the range for 2 hours and had, as the official part, the EA Sports Crossbar Challenge to play. It made me want to tear my hair off. Rory just around the corner, ready for some autographs or even some down-to-earth talking… that would have been the ultimate icing on the cake!

And I remember me saying to myself during warm-up: why the heck is there a football goal on the range…

End of the story: I went home, glumy and all what was left was this youtube video I found in the evening: