Sky and What the heck are you doing?

Just when you thought you got access to the best golf broadcasting service, you realize it’s still not the way it should be. It would be so easy though.

I was a long-time Sky subscriber. Already when it was Premiere and then later Sky, I paid a fortune in monthly fees to get to watch some golf. I was never interested in other sports than golf, so I paid it for the weekly tournament on the Euro tour and on the PGA tour. That was the time when I haven’t had a family and plenty of time.

The years went by and it truly annoyed me how much Sky charged for the sports package and that you a) need a set top box, and b) are contracted for two years with no chance to get treated like a valued customer. In order to benefit from some reductions you had to cancel the subscription and wait for the call with the offer.

So from a pure contractual standpoint I hated Sky from the beginning. But the golf was too good to be neglected. Then came the daughter and with her next to no chance at all to watch some golf on the weekend; neither the Euro tour in the afternoon and truth be told, nor the PGA tour at night.

There we have another problem with Sky, it’s all live. And while this is nice to have, what I’d really appreciated back then would have been a streaming functionality at your time of choice. I quit watching golf eventually and just bought one of the daily or week passes for Sky Ticket. That allowed me to at least watch some of the majors.

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i’m back!!

you won’t believe it; i’m still alive! and i know some of you missed me, some of you certainly didn’t, but i had to get some things done and can make a fresh start into 2012 now! by the way; happy new year!!

the reason for my absence – and i don’t want to apologise – is a combination of some things that made me think about other stuff than golf. firstly i had huge back problems in autumn and couldn’t finish the golf year as i had planned. secondly i moved permanently from germany to the united kingdom and that caused some additional effort as well. still i have no internet in my new appartment but i know – that shouldn’t be an excuse…

all in all too less golf in that period!! so now living in london with a bunch of interesting and prestigeous golf courses around, we all can start into a new fascinating golfing year that’s ahead! 2011 was an amazing golfing story and i will recap parts of it when i find the time but let’s look at that what’s in front of us!!

luis oosthuizen won the first tournament on the euro tour in east london, south africa, and steve stricker currently tries to stay on top of the leaderboard at the hyundai tournament of champions in hawaii. for sure, the year could have started much more fancy but trust me, we will see some amazing golf this year!!

that said, all the best for your own golfing endeavours in 2012 and i wish you and me a happy golf year!! stay in touch with golficiency and spread the news! that’s much appreciated!!

p.s. my sky sports package is expected to arrive later this month… #golfallnightlong