Golf summer is here!

Yihaaa! Every time I played a round of golf this year in windy, rainy, chilly conditions here in central Europe, I yearned to be back in Dubai as I really love warm weather. However Dubai becomes unbearable these days and the spot of the world where I’m currently living gets warmer and warmer! YES!


The last week was absolutely superb weather-wise. All days extremely sunny, no rain, temperatures around 30°C/90°F and no sight of a change or lightning etc. Simply perfect warm golf weather, you can play at 6:00am or 8:00pm and it’s equally OK to play in shorts, the days are long enough for good daylight and the mood is over the moon in such conditions–at least I feel it that way.

My round today was brilliant. I was grouped together with another player, so a group of 2 in the middle of four-balls… Consequently we had to wait a considerable amount of time but it was allright, we chatted along, discussed golf, business and private stuff and had good fun on the course.

The quality of the course, my home club Bachgrund GC near Frankfurt, Germany, was outstanding, the greens were near perfect, fairways, tee boxes, dunes, etc. all in best of shape.

After a week with my Nike golf clubs I switched back to my Titleist bag and somehow did not regret it. My score today was not optimal, +19 for a 15 handicap (an 18 with course rating), but overall I felt great, had some nice shots into the green, shot a birdie, drove the ball well but still found water quite often or screwed the hole with my putting.

But all in all a great round kicking off summer!

Tomorrow I’ll play a super fancy course in Mainz, Germany, based in an old stone quarry. I was told to bring some balls [literally]… And the week after I’ll play some of Austria’s best golf courses near Kitzbühel. Can’t wait! Thank you summer!