nike SQ sumo: unleash the power of geometry

i just found a short video on youtube that is precisely presenting my range of clubs i carry in my bag (except for my 3 titleist vokey wedges i play in addition). so if you might wonder, “hey, what’s this guy playing with?!” you should watch the film below.

i have to admit: it’s a commercial video and for sure, such adverts always sound perfect – the reality is mostly another story. in deed i’m pretty confident with my irons but struggle a bit with my driver, the fairway wood and the hybrids, but i’ve no idea whether it’s my swing or just the tools that might be altered and enhanced. after watching this video, i’m certain: unfortunately it must be my swing that has need for improvement!

personal season 2011 officially started

hi guys! it’s mid-january and i’ve started my season this morning. can’t remember that i did this before that early in the year. however, it was nice. not only because i enjoyed being out there again after a 3-month-break, but i could as well try out my new nike irons and could make first experiences.

truth be told, i began with the 9-iron and the difference between these and my old irons (taylor made steel 200) was not as big as expected. but when it came to the 6-, 5- and 4-iron you can feel the bigger moment of inertia and it really smashes the ball like a rocket! amazing feeling. when i additionally can get precision to my iron play like i had before, then i’m a lucky guy!

as i already said, the support by the perimeter weighted irons ceases on shorter irons, so i think about removing the sand wedge and sticking with my beloved titleist vokey wedges (52.08, 56.08, 60.04) which are only played once actually. these are feeling great and are – due to their slick drop shape with exact bounce – much more workable and universally usable around the greens. and that’s where the points are lying; you know what i’m saying!

i fired roughly 150 balls this morning and had some nice shots. pretty confident that i can achieve my personal goals for 2011 quite quickly. first would be getting used to the new irons, getting expertise in wedge play and around the greens in general and then shooting my woods as straight as i wish… which leads to the plan of breaking 90, lowering my handicap to smth like 15 or so and to play as often and as many courses as i can by the end of 2011. this year’s gonna be huge!!

i will keep you updated for sure and wish you everybody good luck for your personal start into the new year!

new clubs in the bag

today i got my new clubs. i ordered a new set of the 2008 nike sumo irons. originally, i wanted to buy the titleist CBs, because in my eyes they are (next to the MBs) the most beautiful irons out there. but, honestly, i’m not good enough for these. so i decided in favor of the sumos because they match my golf approach and bag perfectly.

unfortunately there’s still snow outside and that’s why i can’t try them out. but i feel relieved to have the second last piece of puzzle of my bag in place. take a look and let me know how do you like it!

i try to test them as quick as i can, so stay tuned: i will write a report about my newest purchase for sure!