Top golf accounts on social media

Times are changing. It was different back in the days but today the modern golfer is living a quite transparent life. Most of the players on tour are active in social media, post pictures of their activities, write stories about caddy, mates or family and even publish pictures of spouses, children, holidays, food and whatnot.

It’s fair to say that most players on tour have a second, a virtual life, which they share with their fans and followers. So for us, the spectators, it’s easier than ever to find out what a person is doing, where he or she is playing and how they party after a win. It’s a very transparent lifestyle, and people love it. Mostly because it’s at the same time quite exciting, funny, or just interesting to follow a person like Tiger, Rory or Jordan.

Very rarely they even react to us mortals and answer to a tweet or a Facebook mention. This is the ultimate goal, to be recognised by one of golf’s greats, come in direct contact and virtually shake hands, congratulate or ask a question.

Rory Ryan at Links Golf Ireland created this interesting overview of most important social media accounts in the golfing world, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Check out this infographic below and I’m sure you’ll find an account which you are currently not following yet.

Top-Golf-Accounts-on-Social Media-IG 1.jpg

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The Open Sunday on Twitter – multitasking at its best!

I was lucky I don’t have to earn my money with this golf blog. And I was happy I could watch the golf on the TV rather than on the laptop via a crappy live stream. So it went well for me. But I thought to myself, come on let’s do some proper golf broadcasting.

Hence I made myself comfortable on the couch, TV in front, iPad, iPhone and MacBook in reach. And the rest of the day I was tweeting like hell, reading all that what other correspondents on-site were writing and tried to get into sort of a conversation. Not too much, I still wanted to enjoy the day but I started to realise it’s a quick game and one has to keep up with the pace of tweets coming through the wire. Nobody is interested in a missed put 10 minutes after it happened. During that time 50 others posted the same thing – with other comments, funnier jokes, or more cynicism in that fist seconds. You have to be quick!

This is a collection of some rememberable tweets of the day:

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Gary Player is just the beginning

Couple of days back, I received an email providing me the short information that the Black Knight himself, Mr Fitness, Mr Gary Player started following me on Twitter! I was overwhelmed really. I haven’t expected something like this.

Now I think to myself, when I can attract Gary Player, who else is possible?! Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Rory? – all these heavy tweeters. Tiger Woods is out of the league, he’s only following 18 people (Lindsey Vonn, Nike, his own companies/foundations and very few others). And to be honest, I’d prefer others. Media people probably: Di Dougherty, Stephanie Wei or Ashley Mayo?… yes, why not! Nick Faldo definitely, golf architects, golf photographers, agents, journalists and players alike… all very appreciated.

I’ll do my best tomorrow to create a much bigger Twitter footstep in the golfing industry – and I hope the world is listening (ehm reading)! Keep you posted. #overandout #goodnight

The funny US Open moments on Twitter

twitter-iconAfter having mentioned I didn’t have access to pay-TV for watching the US Open I had to stick to internet live streaming… grey zone, I know, but what can I do. I tried to keep up with the action on the course and as well with the action on Twitter, reading all that stuff people had to say about the guys while either watching them from home or inside/outside the ropes. It was tough to do all that all at once if I were on the course I’d really have struggled to get along with all that modern social media. Checking the Facebook timeline is easy, commenting here and there is too. Twitter on the other hand is trickier, because the more people you follow the quicker you have to read, especially during such events like a major golf tournament. Bringing TwitterPics, Instagram, Vine, a proper blog or other things into the equation, that leads to a massive overflow and too little hands/devices/time to deal with all that stuff. Plus, you really lose the joy of watching golf I guess!

Therefore I sticked to Twitter only and it was tough enough to keep up the pace but it was kinda fun in the end and I had some funny moments when I laughed a lot. Let me share some of them with you.

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Slight changes made to the corporate design

Thoughtful readers might have realised that the t-shirts in the shop show a different font type than used in the header or for all the other online media. In order to freshen up some bits and pieces I just updated headers for the website, the shop and icons and avatars for Twitter and Facebook.


As you can see above, this is the new header. It follows the same approach as the last, but offers some additions and changes:

312380_548788978476013_17195863_n1. The official type face for Golficiency is now ‘Futura‘. The URL is written in this font, so is the G on left hand side.

2. The G is accompanied by a dot. First, to make clear this is an abbreviation and second, in order to indicate the funny ambiguity to the ‘G-spot’. For sure the dot/spot can be interpreted as a golf ball too. In order to not destroy the symmetry the dot is not shown in the icons for Facebook or Twitter.

3. The slogan of Golficiency changed slightly as well. The former ‘where proficiency meets golf… there is golficiency’ has been removed and is replaced by ‘golf proficiency with german efficiency’. This almost rhyme brings the famous saying ‘german efficiency’ into the dictum.

I hope you like these changes. Let me know what you think.

lee westwood, the twitter phenomenon

twitter is different. everybody knows how to work with facebook, but tweeting is quite another thing. there were some golfing early adopters like bubba watson (@bubbawatson) or rickie fowler (@rickiefowlerpga) who posted tons of stuff everyday. but the majority of the pro field hasn’t seen any advantage in this.

well, it’s a marketing functionality now, i guess. and we don’t know if that’s the reason but there are some other guys into this medium, that seem to like the possibilities very much: rory mcilroy (@mcilroyrory) or grame mcdowell (@graeme_mcdowell) are discussing online, robert karlsson (@robertkarlsson) and ian poulter (@ianjamespoulter) are quite heavy tweeters, but they are nothing against the tweet bonfire that lee westwood (@westwoodlee) and tiger woods (@tigerwoods) have started recently.

either tour pros have quite little stress or these guys have no motivation to practise in any case! you could publish a book with nothing else than this week’s tweets of these both. amazing and fun to read! don’t miss that…

…and follow the trend! you could start here: @golficiency

setting up this new blog

hey folks, as you see, this blog is quite young. only a couple of hours as i write down these words. in the meantime i got my hands on wordpress for the first time, checked the functionality to write on the iPhone, created a facebook page, created a first logo, created a twitter page, followed 100 sites at once, saved and set up a mailbox with that domain.

quite some work if you consider that we’re in the middle of a week and that i work fulltime as a risk manager in one of the world’s leading derivatives exchanges here in frankfurt, germany. but the golf fever is hard to resist and therefore i do all this effort to show and live my appreciation to the gentleman’s sport!

so if you wanna reach golficiency in the future, you now have several channels to chose from. here are some suggestions:

if you want to pass down an email, feel free under blog [at]

looking forward hearing from you all guys!