In terms of equipment I always was somewhat special. From my point of view it’s really important to have both high quality clubs and that they not only fit to the personal swing but to the overall appearance of the bag, too. So it’s impossible for me to buy some patchwork sets featuring different brands and styles, as well from an esthetical standpoint. All clubs, towels, umbrella, covers and the bag must fit together.

This is what’s currently in my bag:

Driver: PING G400 10.5°, Alta CB Stiff
3-wood: PING G400 14.5°, Alta CB Stiff
5-wood: PING G400 17.5°, Alta CB Stiff
Hybrid: PING G400 19°, Alta CB Stiff
Irons 4-9: PING G400, Alta CB Stiff
Wedges W, U, S, L: PING G400, Alta CB Stiff
Putter: Scotty Cameron California Del Mar

And below are my old golf sets, still in the basement: