10469074_899643943390513_2343098112397795825_nIn terms of equipment I always was somewhat special. From my point of view it’s really important to have both high quality clubs and that they not only fit to the personal swing but to the overall appearance of the bag, too. So it’s impossible for me to buy some patchwork sets featuring different brands and styles, as well from an esthetical standpoint. All clubs, towels, umbrella, covers and the bag must fit together.

After years and years I came up with new clubs and by now, I’m quite convinced that I have really decent sets of clubs. Due to the fact that for over two years I both lived in London and Frankfurt at the same time I decided to have at least two sets of clubs to avoid the hassle of travelling with heavy und oversized luggage. So I used at least 2 golf bags at the same time.

Quite regularly I even use my TaylorMade set from 2001, which is still very good. Hence I have more or less 3 very different bags in use–which is not optimal, but I just can’t sell or throw away old golf clubs.

This is what’s currently in my bag(s):