office wallpaper

i have smth to show you. i got a passion for wallpapers; and i’m talking about the images you have on the desktop of your computer, not on your walls. at home i’m working with my beloved mac but at work i have to get along with windows PCs. thankfully, it’s not just one but a set of 4 screens i’m sitting in front of. hooray!

to sweeten up my day, i regularly change my wallpapers to get me in the right mood. and now see what i created today:

i love it and can’t wait to end the winter break and get back on the greens! working is fine, but compared to being out there on the course, playing with my new irons, practising with my new wedges and just having a good time on the greens… hmm, i guess i’d go for the last one!

let me know what you think!

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