training cancelled

originally i wanted to make a 3 hour training session on the range this morning since i had to come to work quite late today. but i was too enthusiastic about this new blog and stayed online to get it going what i started in the evening.

result is that i managed quite some things (regarding twitter, facebook, domain, email and so forth) that i missed to get to the range. that is a pity due to the fact that it’s already quite cold here in mid-germany and that the weather is not getting better but worse. so there are not many opportunities left for me to go on the range or out for a round (or half).

maybe tomorrow morning, before work… depends on how quick i can get to sleep tonight. sweet dreams, see you!

setting up this new blog

hey folks, as you see, this blog is quite young. only a couple of hours as i write down these words. in the meantime i got my hands on wordpress for the first time, checked the functionality to write on the iPhone, created a facebook page, created a first logo, created a twitter page, followed 100 sites at once, saved and set up a mailbox with that domain.

quite some work if you consider that we’re in the middle of a week and that i work fulltime as a risk manager in one of the world’s leading derivatives exchanges here in frankfurt, germany. but the golf fever is hard to resist and therefore i do all this effort to show and live my appreciation to the gentleman’s sport!

so if you wanna reach golficiency in the future, you now have several channels to chose from. here are some suggestions:

if you want to pass down an email, feel free under blog [at]

looking forward hearing from you all guys!