Tiger got his smile back

Not only are all his teeth where they used to be, Tiger seems to be pain-free, back in shape and willing to make a statement at the Masters this year.

Over the last years Tiger here and there dropped out of tournaments for various reasons; knee problems, back problems and sometimes most likely swing problems as well. For some people out there Tiger’s explanations afterwards sounded like nothing but excuses.

Undoubtedly he was in pain sometimes and wasn’t in the form he used to be and although we all wish him luck and a good game, it’s Tiger himself who most likely will hate the fact the most that he’s not good enough anymore currently to be in contention to win a tournament, a “normal” PGA Tour tournament that is.

Just recently Tiger fell out of the top 100 world ranking list and we all may believe that he’d like to have that changed again. This man is pure golf passion, he basically lived for nothing but this sport. He will give everything necessary to be part of the big guys club again. We will see in the following days whether that plan plays out or not.

One interesting quote from today’s the press conference: “My biggest motivation? Winning!… I like it!” with that huge smile on his face.

This week’s gonna be so interesting!

Career Slam in sight! Can Rory make it happen?

Rory McIlroy is a golf phenomenon, no doubt about it. Just like Tiger Woods, Rory is a young gun and already dominates golf and rightly is one of the hot picks for a Masters win this year. There have been years when he struggled, sometimes he even struggled very much but currently he seems in shape, and that’s not only referring to his fitness but more to his recent ball striking.

If Rory could turn that around and win the Masters he would achieve what commonly is referred to as a “Career Slam”, winning all four majors during the golfing career. Winning all in one year would be the “Grand Slam” and I’m pretty sure he will go out and try exactly that this year. 15 years ago Tiger Woods managed to win four consecutive majors, not in one calendar year though: three tournaments in 2000 and the Masters in 2001. This achievement was later called “Tiger Slam”.

Rory McIlroy won the US Open in 2011, the PGA Championship in 2012 and in 2014 he won both the Open and the PGA Championship. So he’s only short the Masters win to write another chapter in golf history.

We keep our fingers crossed, young man!

Nike’s new commercial for Vapor drivers

Nike has the money, Nike has the staff players and Nike knows how to press quite a number of stars into a 30sec commercial, advertising the new Vapor driver family.

Basic idea of the short film: Why should everybody change drivers? Why should top players like Tiger, Rory or Michelle Wie change drivers, they are doing quite well with the “old” one already. So why change one could asks. “Because there’s always better” is the easy answer. 

I haven’t tested the Vapor yet and therefore cannot comment on club characteristics. But what I can see, like everybody else, it’s a crazy looking club!

Any thoughts on the club (or the commercial)? Post below!

Tiger Woods is back in the game

He’s back! After back surgery and a lengthy recovery process he today turned to the media at his first tournament since early March.

Watch the whole media session via Golf Channel here and see what Tiger went through over the last weeks and months. No doubt this was a tough time for him but undoubtedly he’s back in winning mode, yearning for some further wins down the line.

He said he’s there for winning, not just for practicing. So his mindset is clear: play some tournaments, be in contention as often as possible, play the next majors, progress well and then do as if nothing ever happened.

Future will tell if Tiger can adapt to the new breed in golf and whether he’s still one of the greatest players out there. I have no doubt that he will make it to the top of some leaderboards much quicker than he/we/his contestants thought he would.

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tiger was close, but couldn’t save the lead

…next time, pal! tiger woods is a golf hero, no doubt about it. but he had tough times recently, everbody noticed publically. to come back to the tour for playing and winning like he did in the past was not very likely because there are some other damn good guys out there. so everybody stayed calm and hoped for tiger’s recovery, mentally and golf-wise technically, since he hasn’t had the chance for a huge win on tour this year – while he was close though.

last week’s chevron world classic could have made the change happen… but he lost the playoff against an amzingly playing graeme mcdowell on the second extra hole in the sherwood country club, thousand oaks, calif.

the season reaches its end in the us but the guys are playing like crazy. that’s what i love about the game of golf. you play around the world on totally different courses and you can do that throughout the whole year. there’s next to no winter break. watch this short film with the most important shots this sunday:

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