The idea of Hole 0 – The Mulligan-Hole

Yesterday I’ve read some online golf stuff and was informed that we have a new “Best New Course of Germany”. First, I was surprised because in may I’m going to play Budersand on the island Sylt which was course #1 so far. So I was a bit frustrated that I’m going to enjoy the second and not the first best course of Germany. Then I was pleased that the new #1, Winston Links golf course (the newest of the 45-hole resort), is again a northern Germany course with a huge links characteristic.

After that, I tried to find some more interesting courses in the north-eastern part of Germany (keeping in mind that I already enjoyed playing the courses at Lake Fleesensee). I came across another course that is quite new in the golf circus and looks gorgeous as well: I’m speaking of the new Baltic Hill Golf Club on the island Usedom. It seems to be beautifully set into the island’s landscape and fits perfectly to be another golf highlight in northern Germany.

But what I really like about this club is, that they have a “Hole 0”. I never heard about it and had to look twice. They call it “warm-up-hole” or “mulligan-hole” and it’s a full-length par-3 on the way from the club house to the first tee box. Playing this hole or just walking it is completely optional. It’s not on the scorecard, there’s no need for pressure, it’s just to get the right swing to the right time.

I really like the idea and I’m curious when the next club is offering such mulligan functionality and is presenting the next 19-hole course!

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