Our round at Weimarer Land on video

You will have read here, that Golficiency had quite some weekend at Spa & Golf Resort Weimarer Land a couple of weeks ago. We had a camera with us and rolled it here and there, and this is the outcome.

What you see is three terrible weekend golfers on the Goethe course at Spa & Golf Resort Weimarer Land—having much fun nonetheless!

The Short Game. Great golf documentary

Tonight I watched a great documentary on Netflix, probably not the best documentary ever produced but the best golf-related documentary I’ve seen for a very long time.

Once a year at Pinehurst there is a tournament conducted which could not group together more competitive individuals on a global scale. It’s the Golf World Championship for kids, under 8 years to be precise. It’s a three-day tournament, played over 9 holes each and you have no idea how good these children are. Of course they don’t use the regular tee boxes but all of them can drive the ball, chip, pitch and putt quite impressively. I’m talking eagle-impressive.

When I have kids I want them play at that skill level also, no question about it.

The film shows eight young golfers from all over the world, all 7 years old, and it describes how they feel, how they play, how they can’t wait to fly to North Carolina to compete against each other. Whether you’re from a rich family in Florida, or from a not so rich family in California, or from a township in South Africa, China, France, you name it, on the course it doesn’t matter anymore. All what counts is strokes. And it’s impressive what pressure these kids are putting on their shoulders. Sometimes put in that situation by their parents, sometimes not. But all of them are extremely competitive on the course and at the same time foolish and childish off the fairways and greens—which is good to see.

Interesting film to watch how the kids’ psyche alters when an important tournament is on. Definitely recommend the film when you like golf and have kids—and even when you don’t.

Tom’s lessons of a lifetime

91Yey12Bw5L._SL1500_It’s a bit weird and psychologists would have a say but always when I see Tom Watson on TV I immediately feel sort of connected to that person. He’s a charming old chap, very experienced and successful, always smiling and being nice to other people. He’s like the grand dad everybody wants but nobody has. And he’s still very good at golf. Seeing him in contention at the 2009 Open Championship at Turnberry was the first time it really got me thinking about him.

We all know the issue with the 2014 Ryder Cup captaincy but this doesn’t belong here. In short: he’s a classy guy, very keen golfer with a tremendous experience on the course.

Couple of years ago he created a video series: Lessons of a lifetime, which I had on my Amazon list for quite a while. Then last September, on my honeymoon, I was sitting with my wife in the Business Class of an Emirates Airbus A380 upper deck in our comfy chairs (after we had our cocktails in the sky bar) on our way to Mauritius. We enjoyed the cosiness and the relaxed atmosphere, had another wine, a superb dinner and as always I wanted to check out the entertainment system. Usually before watching one or two movies I go through the comedy and sports section and look for interesting stuff. And there it was: Tom Watson’s Lessons of a lifetime. And I felt connected again.

No question that I watched Tom explain all nitty-gritty details about swing planes, target lines, postures, and so forth. I watched what later turned out to be the first DVD and once back at home after the trip I ordered the complete box to learn more about the swing. It worked I have to say. In total Tom has so many great advice in this DVD series, that I might watch them again some time soon.

He touches on swing characteristics, bending and shaping the ball, about timing, putting, green reading, bunker shots, chip shots, pitches etc. Simply the whole repertoire. Even putting in cross winds!…

If you want to learn more about the swing how it should be and in case you struggle with a special thing in your game then the DVD can possibly help you diagnose or even heal the problem. Obviously it’s not easy to self-teach in such a difficult thing as the golf swing, but it provides valuable information for beginners and detail knowledge for all keen golfers who are willing and able to adjust nuances in their own swing patterns.

To find out more about it please follow this link.

And FYI this is the full list of contents of all three DVDs:

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An hommage to Severiano Ballesteros


Last week I managed to watch the film “Seve — The Movie” which I had bought on DVD quite a while ago. It’s a combination of an acted video biography staged in northern Spain, where Seve was from, and real golf tournament footage from many Masters and The Open events. In essence it’s a movie showing how Seve was brought up, how he spent childhood on his farm, how he got into golf and made his way to become as good as he did.

The story outlines his life with his parents, his brothers, battles in school and on the course. The second part describes how Seve went on tour, impressed people around the world and managed to win so many titles.

If you are into golf and you don’t mind spending an hour or two watching a golf movie, then you should give it a try. It’s dramatic, funny, sad all at the same time.

Still not convinced? Then you probably should watch the official trailer:

The Els Club Dubai – a Golficiency slideshow

Early February we were fortunate enough to travel to Dubai and play some absolute outstanding golf destinations. See here.

One of these fine and luxurious golf venues was The Els Club Dubai, a fantastic course in one of the most affluent areas in Dubai, Victory Heights. The course is nestled between the residential areas and therefore meanders through lines of villas left and right the fairway.

The course was in fantastic condition and I believe this wasn’t just because the Omega Dubai Desert Classic was hosted just a stone’s throw away in the Emirates Golf Club one week earlier. Famous golfers like Rory McIlroy, Martin Kaymer and Ernie Els himself visited just some days earlier and I was proud to play such a great course, designed by a living legend in one of the most interesting cities in the world.

I created a 5min video, which is not more than a picture slideshow, but it expresses very well the atmosphere of the course, the main course characteristics and supports me in saying that this is a great place to be.

More information:

Shots that made history at The Masters

When you are like me, you soak in every minute of a major tournament sitting in front of the telly, trying not to waste a moment with conversation with your partner, a call with mum, a walk to the fridge and so forth. You just enjoy the game.

If that’s the case, then this is something for you. The Masters is not far anymore and I’m sure they are already pretty busy organising everything necessary. I can’t wait for the 2015 edition of this prestigious tournament and I’m absolutely looking forward to 4 great days.

To always remember the biggest shots of Masters history you should watch this video.

The new Titleist 915 family

I like the Titleist brand and everything what comes with it. Although I fully endorse their product range, I’m not buying anything new to the market just because it’s out there. I guess it’s common sense that golf products don’t differ that much anymore from others and the rest is just marketing.

My Titleist clubs are 3 years old (710 irons, 910 metals) and I’m overly happy with it—therefore no need to buy some new sticks at all for quite a while. But the guys on tour sometimes literally jump on new products, be it because they are after some further yards to hit or because their sponsor contract makes them change every time the brand has something new out.

This actually doesn’t happen too often with Titleist but competitors like TaylorMade release new stuff every month you could argue. You are just used to a new name or number of a product and bought into their story they sold you, and then suddenly ‘boom’, a new technique, a new story, a new product with a new price tag.

Let me say to you, don’t buy anything that golf brands try to market. Work on your swing, this is mostly the more important and long-term alternative to buying new clubs.

This video is about the collaboration of club manufacturers and pro players, as this is a very interesting field of work anyway!

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Can you spare one hour for a legend? A documentary about Seve

Severiano Ballesteros died in 2011, aged 54, after a lost battle with brain cancer. He left the professional golf scene but in every player’s mind Seve is still pretty present around the traveling golf circus.

Remarkable are those situations in which the European Ryder Cup players dedicate their points to the Spaniard, look up into the sky, quietly say some words to their former mate or idol and then refocus to the here and now. It’s a moment of remembrance. European players in the common Seve attire, those who have Seve’s silhouette on their bags, all this shows their continuous thoughts for this outstanding player.

Months ago I bought a new film about Seve, “Seve – The Movie“, but I have to admit that I couldn’t find the time to watch it yet. For those who already did and in case you are further interested in his life, his game and perception amongst other players, then you should spare another 60 minutes to watch this documentary. I’m sure it’s a well spent hour.

RIP Seve, you died way too early!