the lamborghini golf club

yesterday i thought it was time to buy a new set of clubs. don’t know why – sometimes i have that feeling of just buy smth to be happy. and that’s what i want to be: happy!

i looked around a bit on the internet and i can’t help it, i don’t like these new drivers anymore: adjust here, adjust there, unscrew here, another weight in there. in my opinion that’s not the way it should be. if the ball is flying to the right, it’s not the club, it’s you doing smth wrong.

so i was looking for a down-to-earth driver, slick and good. and yes i think i found it. normally i like nike and titleist but when i saw the callaway diablo octane black tour driver, i instantly fell in love. it’s black as a club should be, light-weight due a forged composite fibre material they invented in collaboration with lamborghini and just a beauty. basically the golf club is of the same material a lamborghini is as well. is that cool or what?! i never hit some balls with it but can’t wait for it. nobody is talking about this club anymore, since it’s outdated already… which is good for me as this is reducing prices.

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