Reading: Das Paradies hat 18 Löcher

Unless you’re German speaking this title doesn’t make any sense to you, but the translation would be something like “There are 18 holes in paradise”. What a wonderful title for a book that is!

I bought this hardcover book and had it in my book shelf for quite a while. To be honest I can’t remember where and when I actually bought it but just recently I had the feeling it’s about time to start and finish it (which I did like 3 weeks ago). The book is written by German Manfred Barthel and is a quick 180 pages read. As you could sense it’s devided in 18 chapters and every chapter deals with a specific golf related topic. To be frank it’s more or less dedicated to golf beginners rather than industry insiders. Chapters contain some funny stories about all what’s related to golf – be it equipment, professional players, training and so forth.

Due to the language not a book for everybody, but definitely something you Germans should consider to buy (and read) if you’re in the process (like me) to keep up with good books about this beautiful sport. There are definitely some anecdotes mentioned in the book that you haven’t heard of I would bet.

Next two books on my reading list (making my way through my golf book stack next to my bed): “The Big Miss” about Tiger Woods and “Bring me the Head of Sergio Garcia”. Stay tuned! Looking forward to it!

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