Show me your crib, Mr. Pro Golfer

Many pro golfers live a very relaxed live. They play well, earn loads of money through tournaments or sponsors, spend parts of it for accommodation(s) and the rest on gimmicks for them or the family to live an even happier live. Some have 6 weeks off, then play another 3 before they can relax for another month or so. I guess the playing schedule of Adam Scott is the best example here – lots of Aussie surfing involved here I reckon!

For sure not all of them can afford that sort of lifestyle – many others have to be at as many tournament as they can in order to earn enough money and points to remain on the tour and afford the little stressful lifestyle they have at that point in time.

But to be honest – being a playing golf pro is an incredible cool job. I’d give a lot to be one of them I have to admit… all in all to live such a lifestyle: have a look at the US tour player at home and off the course.

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