another weird round in kronberg

it was my second round at kronberg golf & country club and again, the scenery was stunning. just take the castle on the picture as example: never had a more impressive club house to be honest. the picture shows the 14th green in front of the castle’s sun terrace.

i was playing with a colleague on a thursday afternoon and it was his first visit at this course. many of his mates were fancying for it and so we got here to play a nice round into the sun downing.

due to packed tee no. 1 we went with another gentleman, a member of this elite club, who really told us some interesting stories. one for instance about the rate of active players in this club. there are roughly 1000 members and only surprisingly 200 at max are actively playing golf. the rest is just financing the club or enjoying the castle’s conveniences.

ok, back to course. i was playing one bogey after the other which is fine for me on a private round. the course is parkland style at it’s best but still has some strange feeling on me. for some reason it feels unfinished and half-baked to me: the tee boxes are of artificial grass sometimes (3rd and 16th) or in real bad shape, the paths between the holes take you some strange directions and the really weird thing is the driving range passing the 1st and crossing the 18th. no misread! if you tee off at the 18th you have to ring a bell afterwards, all people on the range have to stop their training not to injure anyone and finally you have to find one single white ball in the middle of hundreds range balls that are yellow thankfully! i’ve never seen such weird hole and i’m pretty sure that there aren’t many courses like this out there!

i can’t help it but this feeling of provisional play on the one hand and perfect elite appearance of the kronberg castle on the other hand makes it really hard to say whether it’s a perfect golf experience or a more or less nice to have…

at the end it was a fun golf day which we closed with some german beer on the member’s club terrace. so no complaints please!

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