Total (golf) frustration after 2012 season ending – a recap

Pretty early in the year, I realised that 2012 won’t work out the way I had hoped. I moved to the UK over a year ago, literally to the holy homeland of golf. And undoubtly there are plenty of golf courses in this country. Point is, only few are in or just outside of London. And secondly, the courses you find around London are really posh country clubs that either charge you a fortune for green fee or don’t at all accept guests to play a round.

I don’t own a car (well to be precise, I do own a car, but my girlfriend is using it in Germany) hence I have no possibility to reach remotely located golf clubs without any problems. I was lucky enough to attend two corporate golf days this year, but you can’t imagine how long it took to get there: carrying the bag to the DLR station (Docklands Light Railway), change into the  Tube, change into Overland train, change into proper national rail train and then finally change into taxi for another 15 to 20 minutes ride to the course. That’s really exhausting, believe me!

Truth be told I only played 8 and a half rounds this year!!… Think about that! Or better don’t because it’s really embarrassing! This definitely has to improve next year, and I still hope it will because lately I met some people that are able and willing to play, I think they just have to be pushed a bit and then it’s possible to get a 4-ball together and enjoy this beautiful sport on a more or less regular basis (and they have cars, which is extremely important as I mentioned).

To set the 8.5 rounds in 2012 into context:

The only tournament I played was that one round in Idstein, Germany where I – believe it or not – played ok-ish and managed to earn 39 stableford points and got to a handicap of 16.2.

The rest is history and I try to forget this year as quick as I can. The experiences I earned on the other hand, I don’t want to miss them either; the rounds in Dubai, the rounds at the Grove or the London Golf Club, seeing Pebble Beach and parts of Cypress Point, being spectator at the Olympic Club in San Francisco for the US Open… all this was very special, including having bought my new set of clubs. If you look at my play and rounds in sum though… well, just can get better next year!

Wishing you all a lovely christmas time, some golf gimmicks under the tree and a happy new year! All the best for you!

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