golf masterclass with luke donald

luke donald is really one of my heroes, not only in 2011, but in general. this man is such a sympathic guy, always smiling, always well behaved and always strictly professional. but if you’d expect a boring chap, you’re completely mistaken: he is always a runner-up for the win and serves the spectator with stunning and exciting shots every weekend.

as a result he achieved incredible things in 2011. as the first player in the history of the sport he won both the pga and the european tour money list in a historic double. in 2011, he also won the PGA player of the year and PGA tour player of the year awards, becoming the first englishman to win either award, and the european tour golfer of the year. oh, and did i forget to mention that he’s worlds number one ranked golfer for quite a while now?! isn’t that amazing?

luke donald is a long-term mizuno player and spreads some handy hints to the world, enjoy! 112 yard pitching, front end pitching, high pitch landing softly and good bunker lie:

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