Ball Showcase: Golf Club Schwarzsee Kitzbühel


The picturesque Austrian village of Kitzbühel offers a variety of different golf courses to chose from. In June we’ve travelled there and decided not only to hike a lot but also play golf a couple of times – as might have read if you follow this blog. In case you don’t, please read this: Kitzbühel

The most outstanding course in Kitzbühel is without a doubt Eichenheim, but definitely next on the list is Golf Club Schwarzsee Kitzbühel, with quite some interesting holes. The day was rainy and miserable but the course was fun and due to the weather there wasn’t much traffic on the course, at least on the front nine.

So in case you are in the area or even having a family holiday in the Kitzbühel area (which I can really recommend) then you should probably spend a day at Schwarzsee as well. You won’t regret it.

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